Connor Paradise

Lars Hinrichs, Dominik Kanbach, Benjamin Müller, Timon Überschär under the supervision of Remigiusz Smolinski Connor Paradise is a multi-party negotiation simulation between three relatively isolated tribes living on a fictitious Mediterranean island. Due to an unforeseen and highly destructive tsunami, their previously prosperous and tranquil lives have been up-ended causing widespread social demand for the […]

Energy Turnaround

Johannes Grothe, Alexander Ruhland, Manuel Schebel under the supervision of Remigiusz Smolinski Energy Turnaround is a negotiation role simulation for three parties representing three separate energy providers in Iceland. In response to a governmental call to promote a nationwide clean energy program they have been asked to meet and discuss various options for their participation. […]

El Dorado

Remigiusz Smolinski El Dorado is a three-party negotiation. After five years of exploration, three acquaintances have finally discovered the lost Muisca treasure of El Dorado in a remote cave in Columbia. Unfortunately, one the explorers has accidentally triggered a hidden destruction mechanism set by the tribe long ago to protect their treasure. Thus, they have […]

Schmalkaldic War

Remigiusz Smolinski The Schmalkaldic War is a three-party negotiation that is set within the tumultuous times following the start of the Protestant Reformation in the 16th century. Faced with a military insurrection in what will become known as the Schmalkaldic War, Charles V, the Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire has called a meeting with […]