Performing well in negotiation competitions requires thorough and systematic preparation. Many participating teams start the preparation process weeks, if not months before the competition. The preparation process typically includes booking coaching sessions, attending negotiation trainings and seminars, reading negotiation books and practicing with suitable roleplays.

Our book The Negotiation Challenge: How to Win Negotiation Competitions includes a set of competition-tested negotiation simulations together with a detailed debriefings, description of the competition structure, and judging criteria.

A reading list of the potential participants of negotiation competitions should include the following positions:



On Emotions

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Negotiation Cards

Using negotiation cards can be an effective approach to practicing and honing essential negotiation skills. These cards offer a dynamic and interactive way to simulate negotiation scenarios, enabling learners to develop crucial skills in a controlled and engaging environment. With negotiation cards, individuals can explore various negotiation strategies, practice effective communication, adapt to different personalities and perspectives, and fine-tune their problem-solving abilities. The structured variables on the cards provide a valuable framework for learners to experiment with different approaches and learn from their experiences in a low-stakes setting. The visual and tactile nature of negotiation cards enhances the learning experience by making it more immersive, impactful, and enjoyable. Whether you’re a novice or an experienced negotiator, using negotiation cards can significantly accelerate your growth, boost your confidence, and ultimately empower you to excel in real-world negotiations.

Grab a set of negotiation cards and dive into the world of practical skill-building. Whether you’re practicing solo, with friends, family, or as part of a team, these cards offer a fantastic opportunity to enhance your negotiation skills. Assemble your own squad, engage in lively discussions, and experiment with different strategies. Negotiation cards will help you become a more confident negotiator and forge stronger relationships through effective communication. So, start practicing today and watch your negotiation skills soar to new heights!