Prince Polo

Remigiusz Smolinski Prince Polo is a two party non-scoreable, integrative negotiation roleplay simulation between a global confection manufacturer and an independent Icelandic importer and wholesaler.  After years of enjoying a quasi-monopolistic position in the distribution of Prince Polo, a chocolate covered wafer that has attained cult like popularity over the years, its sales have dropped. […]

Plato’s Academy

Remigiusz Smolinski Plato’s Academy is a multi-issue, non-scoreable negotiation simulation that is set in ancient Greece in the midst of an argument between Plato, the founder of the Academy, an ancient center of learning, and his top protégé and potential successor, Aristotle. They have found themselves in a passionate disagreement over what the future vision […]

The Battle of the Nations

James Downs and Jared Cardon under the supervision of Remigiusz Smolinski The Battle of Nations is a two-party multi-issue negotiation roleplay simulation set during the 1813 German War of Liberation. Facing an imminent attack, Napoleon must reinforce the defenses of the city of Leipzig strongly enough to repel the enemy. He can only do so […]


Alexander Pflaum and Andre Vörtler under the supervision of Remigiusz Smolinski Greekonia is a two party, multi-issue negotiation roleplay simulation between the government of Greekonia and financial representatives of the United Union, the supra-national political, economic and monetary union to which it is a member. Greekonia, after years of mismanagement is faced with imminent national […]