International Negotiation Competition for professionals

The Negotiation Challenge 2022


As a strategic partner of The Negotiation Challenge 2022 tournament, we encourage you to participate in a unique opportunity to practice and improve your negotiation skills in an international environment.

What is TNC?

The Negotiation Challenge (TNC) is one of the most established international negotiation competitions. Over the years, TNC has hosted world’s best negotiators, allowing them to share their passion and compete against each other in realistic negotiation situations. 

Based on the extensive experience in designing and organizing negotiation competitions, The Negotiation Challenge launched also a global negotiation competition for professionals. 

TNC for professionals is open to all passionate negotiators from business, legal services, politics and diplomacy, across all seniority and hierarchy levels.

The competition rests on solid academic foundations of its founders and operates in a methodologically proven format. It gathers world’s best professional and passionate negotiators and offers them an opportunity to demonstrate their negotiation mastery and compare their skills with their like-minded counterparts from around the world.

Due to its global reach, open, impartial and highly competitive character combined with rigorous scientific approach, The Negotiation Challenge is an unofficial World Championship in Negotiation.

Competition Schedule

The Negotiation Challenge 2022 for professionals is a negotiation competition with a global reach. To help connect the best negotiators across the continents all negotiation rounds take place completely online

We have carefully considered how to balance a busy schedule of successful business professionals with their potential interests in taking part in TNC and designed the negotiation rounds so that they offer maximum scheduling flexibility across the time zones of the participants are located in.

October 14-15
Round 1
October 14-15
October 21-22
Round 2
October 21-22
October 28-29
Round 3
October 28-29
November 4-5
Round 4
November 4-5
Debrief and Feedback

The participants will have 48 hours from the moment they receive the instructions to:

  • contact each other
  • agree on the exact timing of their negotiations
  • agree on the communication mode
  • negotiate a wise agreement
  • report their final outcome


Total amount of time necessary to complete each round adds up to about 2-3 hours, including of course the time for preparation, planning and strategizing within the team.

Registration deadline is October 7, 2022.

Reasons to participate

Negotiation has been consistently ranked as one of the most important managerial skills. Regardless whether you work in sales or procurement, grow business for a large corporation or build your own startup, advise your clients on M&A transactions, consult them on strategy, operations,  or help them resolve legal disputes, you are a negotiator, we all are. 

There are many convincing reasons, why participating in The Negotiation Challenge offers a unique opportunity to develop negotiation skills, especially for those, who negotiate professionally every day.

TNC has a long history of attracting passionate negotiators from many different countries. Negotiating with them is a challenge that requires applying a wide spectrum of negotiation tools and methods to engineer value and generate wise agreements. It is also a precondition for becoming a better negotiator.

TNC is also a great opportunity to meet passionate negotiators from other companies, countries, and cultures, connect and exchange experience with them and grow the expert network.  

TNC founders and judges are not only thought leaders and recognized experts in their field but also seasoned negotiators themselves. Their feedback has already helped hundreds of participants diagnose and optimize their negotiating styles

Challenged by complex negotiation problems, matched with other well-trained and experienced negotiators, and equipped with feedback and coaching from the judges, the participants receive an excellent opportunity to develop their negotiation skills.

The ability to deal with conflict and negotiate wise agreements has an impact on the quality of your life! So join us and register for The Negotiation Challenge now, if you wish anonymously!

How to prepare?

To help potential participants, prepare for and prevail in negotiation competitions, we published a book: The Negotiation Challenge: How to Win Negotiation Competitions including 16 ready-to-use, competition-tested negotiation roleplay simulations with thorough instructional debriefs that suggest both optimal strategies and discuss potential results. In the book, we describe various types of negotiations we have used during The Negotiation Challenge and discuss the evaluation criteria we use to capture the participants’ negotiation intelligence and select the best negotiators. All teams that have successfully registered for the competition will receive a PDF version of our book as a part of the registration package.

The Founders


Prof. Dr. Remigiusz Smolinski

Negotiation Professor at HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management

Prof. Dr. Peter Kesting

Negotiation Professor at Aarhus University

Strategic Partner

EY Academy of Business is a well-known company offering high-quality training courses. We are a pioneer in training courses for managerial staff in Poland. We also provide training courses in negotiation. During our trainings, first of all, we focus on practice. 

As a strategic partner of The Negotiation Challenge 2022 tournament, we believe this is a unique opportunity to put your knowledge into practice and gain new skills. If you have any questions about the tournament, please feel free to contact our consultant.

The Founders

Dr. Remigiusz Smolinski
Negotiation Professor at HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management
Dr. Peter Kesting
Negotiation Professor at Aarhus University

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