The Vikings

Ditte Mathiasen The Vikings is two party multi-issue, mixed-motive negotiation roleplay simulation.  It takes place between the leaders of two early Icelandic Viking clans over the distribution of the treasure recently obtained from a raid abroad. However, with mistrust high between the two clans agreeing on a fair distribution of seven different categories of treasure […]

Power Media

Peter Kesting Power Media is a roleplay simulation concerning a two party distributive negotiation for the pricing terms of an online advertising contract between a prominent national newspaper and a European based marketing agency. Specifically, an Icelandic newspaper, Reykjavik Evening News (REN), is interested in increasing its online advertising revenue by reducing its dependence on […]

John Kicker II

Remigiusz Smolinski John Kicker II is a two party distributive negotiation roleplay simulation over the terms of a sports employment contract.  It includes John Kicker, an outstanding European soccer star who, after a career ending knee injury, finds himself with an opportunity to transition into a career as general manager of his former team, the […]

Benedict Basso

Remigiusz Smolinski Benedict Basso is a two-party distributive negotiation simulation concerning the conditions of an employment contract.  It includes Benedict Basso, a rising opera star during the late 18th century in the Leipzig Opera, one of the oldest opera venues in Europe.  In addition to coming from a strong musical family and having a unique […]

Livery Collar

Remigiusz Smolinski Livery Collar is a roleplay simulation concerning a two party distributive negotiation for the reacquisition of an important piece of property. It is based on the story of the lost livery collar originally belonging to the HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management, one of the oldest business schools in Germany. Following the turmoil […]